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Cette revue, qui paraît deux fois par an, est en langue anglaise. Elle publie des articles portant sur la place des sciences au sein des cultures juives.

/ This journal (in English) is published twice a year. It is devoted to the place of science in Jewish cultures.

Comité éditorial / Editorial Board :

Gad Freudenthal (Editor)

Resianne Fontaine (Associate Editor)

Gad Freudenthal, Resianne Fontaine, Ruth Glasner, Warren Zev Harvey (Executive Board)

Esti Micenmacher, Tony Travis (Managing Editors)

Editée par l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem et Indiana University Press
Pour plus de détails (et commande en ligne), voir :

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Numéro 4 / Numéro 5 / Numéro 6 /

Numéro 7 / Numéro 8 / Numéro 9 /

Numéro 10 / Numéro 11 /

- Aleph n° 1 (2001)

Bernard R. GOLDSTEIN, Astronomy and the Jewish Community in Early Islam
Shlomo SELA, The Fuzzy Borders Between Astronomy and Astrology as Reflected in the Thought and Work of Three Twelfth-Century Jewish Intellectuals
Resianne FONTAINE, The Reception of Aristotle’s Meteorology in Hebrew Scientific Writings of the Thirteenth Century
Sarah STROUMSA, “Ravings” : Maimonides’ Concept of Pseudo-Science
Dov SCHWARTZ, From Theurgy to Magic : The Evolution of the Magical-Talismanic Justification of Sacrifice in the Circle of Nahmanides and his Interpreters
Shulamit VOLKOV, The Social Origins of Success in Science : Jews in Imperial Germany
Brief Communications
Ruth GLASNER, Zeno of Elea’s Argument From Bisection : Newly Discovered Evidence in a Hebrew Translation of Averroes
Tony LÉVY, Hebrew and Latin Versions of an Unknown Mathematical Text by Abraham Ibn Ezra
Mauro ZONTA, New Data on Judah Messer Leon’s Commentaries on the Physics
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From My Notebooks
• An Unknown Medieval Hebrew Astronomical Treatise
• Tekhunat ha-Hawayah by Meir b. Moses Judah Loeb Neumark of Nicolsburg
Y. Tzvi Langermann, Memorial Tribute “Mori Yusuf” : Rav Yosef Kafah (Qafih) (1917-2000)
Some Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

- Aleph n° 2 (2002)

B.R. GOLDSTEIN, Levi ben Gerson’s Preliminary Remarks for a Theory of Planetary Latitudes
J.L. MANCHA, Levi ben Gersonid’s Star List for 1336
Francisco MORENO-CARVALHO, A Newly-Discovered Letter by Galileo Galilei. Contacts Between Galileo and Jacob Rosales (Manoel Bocarro Francês), a Seventeenth-Century Jewish Scientist and Sebastianist
Hans LAUSCH, The Ignorant Hold Back Their Judgement and Await the Conclusions of the Knowing Moses Mendelssohn and Other Mathematicians
David RUDERMAN, Some Jewish Responses to Smallpox Prevention in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries : A New Perspective on the Modernization of European Jewry
David A. HOLLINGER, Why Are Jews Unequally Represented in American Commerce, Culture, and Scholarship ? Toward a New Understanding
Short articles : The Knowledge of Languages Among Jewish Scholars in Fourteenth-Century Provence
Ruth GLASNER, On Levi ben Gershom’s (Gersonides) Knowledge of Languages
Cyrill ASLANOV, How Much Arabic Did Joseph Ibn Kaspi’s Know ?
Critiques and contentions
Discussion Forum : Does Sefer Yesirah Have a Place in the History of Science in Hebrew ? Apropos of a Recent Book by Yehuda Liebes (participants : Y. Tzvi Langermann, David Shulman, Steve Wasserstrom).
Tony LÉVY, A Newly-Discovered Partial Hebrew Version of Al-Khwarizmî’s Algebra
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From My Notebook. • An Early-Modern Cosmography from Northern Italy
Review essays :
John NORTH, Some Jewish Contributions to Iberian Astronomy. Apropos of José Chabàs and Bernard R. GOLDSTEIN, Astronomy in the Iberian Peninsula (Philadelphia, 2000)
Some Recently-Published Books
Notes on Contributors

- Aleph N° 3 (2003)

Amos FUNKENSTEIN, The Disenchantment of Knowledge. The Emergence of the Ideal of Open Knowledge in Ancient Israel and in Classic Greece
Appendix : Bibliography of Amos Funkenstein’s Writings
Mauro ZONTA, A Newly-Found Hebrew Translation of Hippocrates’ De superfoetatione : Historical Introduction and Critical Edition
James T. ROBINSON, The First References to al-Bitrûjî’s On the Principles of Astronomy in Hebrew
Dov SCHWARTZ, Conceptions of Astral Magic in Jewish Rationalism in the End of the Middle Ages
Ulrich CHARPA, Matthias Jakob Schleiden (1804-1881), Historian of Jewish Interest in Science. Methodology of Microscopic Botany and Apology of Judaism
Shai CHERRY, Three Twentieth-Century Jewish Responses to Evolutionary Theory
Brief Communications
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From My Notebook : Two Treatises on the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
Giancarlo LACERENZA, A Rediscovered Autograph Manuscript by Mordekay Finzi
Bibliographical tools :
Menachem KELLNER : Ralbag Bibliography
Some Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph N° 4 (2004)

Haggai BEN-SHAMMAI, Saadya’s Introduction to Daniel : Prophetic Calculation the End of Days vs. Astrological and Magical Speculation
Shlomo SELA, Queries on Astrology Sent From Southern France to Maimonides : Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text, Translation, and Commentary
Giorgio ISRAEL, Science and the Jewish Question in the Twentieth Century : The Case of Italy and What It Shows
Brief Communications
Amnon SHILOAH, Musical Concepts in the Works of Saadia Gaon
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, Out of My Notebooks :
- Masîh bin Hakam, a Jewish-Christian (?) Physician of the Early Ninth Century
- A Citation from Saadia’s Long Commentary to Genesis in Hebrew Translation
Some Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph n° 5 (2005)

Editor’s Foreword
Bernard R. GOLDSTEIN, Colors of Eclipses in Medieval Hebrew Astronomical Tables
José Luis MANCHA and Gad FREUDENTHAL, Levi ben Gershom’s Criticism of Ptolemy’s Astronomy
Gerrit BOS and Guido MENSCHING, Hebrew Medical Synonym Literature : Romance and Latin Terms and Their Identification
The Treasure Trove
Alexander ALTMANN, Judah Halevi’s Theory of Climates
Brief Communications
Mordechai ZALKIN, Scientific Thinking and Cultural Transformation in Nineteenth-Century East European Jewish Society
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From my Notebooks : • The Hebrew Version of Semita recta, an alchemical treatise attributed to Albertus Magnus
Some Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph n° 6 (2006)

Editor’s Foreword (Gad Freudenthal)
Shlomo SELA and Gad FREUDENTHAL, Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Scholarly Writings : A Chronological Listing
Tony LEVY and Charles BURNETT, Sefer ha-Middot : A Mid-Twelfth-Century Text on Arithmetic and Geometry Attributed to Abraham Ibn Ezra
Renate SMITHUIS, Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Astrological Works in Hebrew and Latin : New Discoveries and Exhaustive Listing
Mariano Gómez ARANDA, The Meaning of Qohelet According to Ibn Ezra’s Scientific Explanations
Brief Communications
Tzvi LANGERMANN, Medical Israiliyyat ? Ancient Islamic Medical Traditions Transcribed into the Hebrew Alphabet
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph n° 7 (2007)

Sacha STERN, Piergabriele MANCUSO, An Astronomical Table by Shabbetai Donnolo and the Jewish Calendar in Tenth-Century Italy
Gerrit BOS , Ivan GAROFALO, A Pseudo-Galenic Treatise on Regimen : The Hebrew and Latin Translations from Hunayn Ibn Ishāq’s Arabic Version
Francesca BREGOLI, Jewish Scholarship, Science, and the Republic of Letters : Joseph Attias in Eighteenth-Century Livorno
Stephen M. COHEN, Chemical Literature in Yiddish : A Bridge between the Shtetl and the Secular World
Arnold REISMAN, Jewish Refugees from Nazism, Albert Einstein, and the Modernization of Higher Education in Turkey (1933–1945)
Brief Communications
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From my Notebooks : • A Compendium of Renaissance Science : Ta‘alumot hokmah by Moses Galeano
Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph n° 8 (2008)

Editor’s foreword
José Martínez DELGADO, Maimonides in the Context of Andalusian Hebrew Lexicography
Gad FREUDENTHAL, Samuel Ibn Tibbon’s Avicennian Theory of an Eternal World
Rehav RUBIN, Hug ha-’ares by Rabbi Solomon of Chelm : An Early Modern Geographical Treatise and its Sources
Aleph Forum : Maimonides on the Knowability of the Heavens and of Their Mover (Guide 2:24)
Editor’s Introduction to the Forum
Joshua BLAU, The Controversial Sentence of Guide 2.24 : A Philologist’s Perspective
Herbert A. DAVIDSON, The Problematic Passage in Guide for the Perplexed 2:24
Carlos FRAENKEL, Maimonides, Averroes, and Samuel Ibn Tibbon on a Skandalon of Medieval Science
Warren ZEV HARVEY, Maimonides’ Critical Epistemology and Guide 2:24
Alfred IVRY, Guide 2:24 and All That (i)jâza
Joel L. KRAEMER, Is There a Text in this Class ?
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, My Truest Perplexities
Josef STERN, The Knot That Never Was
Brief Communications
Sacha STERN, Piergabriele Mancuso, Shabbetai Donnolo and the Jewish Calendar : Corrigenda
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From my Notebooks : • A (The ?) Geniza Fragment on Optics
Treasure Trove
Aviezer Ravitzky, Aristotle’s Meteorology and the Maimonidean Modes of Interpreting the Account of Creation
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph 9 (1) (2009)

Editor’s foreword
Michael RAND, Clouds, Rain, and the Upper Waters : From Bereshit Rabbah to the Piyyuim of Eleazar be-rabbi Qillir
James T. ROBINSON, Samuel Ibn Tibbon’s Peruš ha-Millot ha-Zarot and al-Fārābī’s Eisagoge and Categories
Carlos FRAENKEL, Hasdai Crescas on God as the Place of the World and Spinoza’s Notion of God as Res Extensa
Shlomo BERGER, Philosophy in a Yiddish Key : The Journal Davke’s Treatment of Nature
Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

- Aleph 9 (2) (2009)

Mauro ZONTA, Gad FREUDENTHAL, Nicomachus of Gerasa in Spain, Circa 1100 : Abraham Bar Ḥiyya’s Testimony
Shlomo SELA, Renate SMITHUIS, Two Hebrew Fragments from Unknown Redactions of Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Sefer ha-Mivḥarim and Sefer ha-Šeʾelot
Shlomo SELA, Sefer ha-Tequfah : An Unknown Treatise on Anniversary Horoscopy by Abraham Ibn Ezra
Gerrit BOS, Maimonides on Medicinal Measures and Weights, from his Galenic Epitomes
Tal KOGMAN, Baruch Lindau’s Rešit Limmudim (1788) and Its German Source : A Case Study of the Interaction between the Haskalah and German Philanthropismus
Brief Communications :
Lola FERRE, Raphaela VEIT, The Textual Traditions of Isaac Israeli’s Book on Fevers in Arabic, Latin, Hebrew, and Spanish
Ruth GLASNER, Two Notes on the Identification of Two Anonymous Hebrew Commentaries on the Physics
Gerd MENTGEN, Jewish Alchemists in Central Europe in the Later Middle Ages : Some New Sources
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From my Notebooks : • Medicine, Mechanics and Magic from Moses ben Judah Galeano’s Taʿalumot Ḥokmah
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph 10 (1) (2010)

Sagit BUTBUL, The Rendering of Bird Names in Early Judeo-Arabic Biblical Translations
Shlomo SELA, A Fragment From an Unknown Redaction of Reʾšit Ḥoḵmah by Abraham Ibn Ezra
Hagar KAHANA-SMILANSKY, Aristotle on Sleep and Wakefulness : A Medieval Hebrew Adaptation of an Unknown Latin Treatise
Daniel J. LASKER, Eastern European Karaite Attitudes towards Modern Science
Treasures of the Past :
José Mari­a MOLLIAS VALLICROSA, Pedro Alfonso’s Contribution to Astronomy
Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

- Aleph 10 (2) (2010)

Bernard R. GOLDSTEIN, Levi ben Gerson on the Sources of Error in Astronomy
Sara KLEIN-BRASLAVY, Gersonides’ Use of Aristotle’s Meteorology in his Accounts of some Biblical Miracles
Moshe TAUBE, Transmission of Scientific Texts in 15th-Century Eastern Knaan
Brief Communications :
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, From My Notebooks : • Studies on the Hebrew Geminos : The Chapter on Weather Signs
Notes on Contributors

-  Aleph 11 (1) (2011)

Editor’s foreword
Josefina RODRIGUEZ ARRIBAS, The Terminology of Historical Astrology according to Abraham Bar Ḥiyya and Abraham Ibn Ezra
Treasures of the Past : dossier :
Gad FREUDENTHAL, Georg Alter (1891–1972) on David Gans (1541–1613)
George ALTER, David Gans : A Renaissance Jewish Astronomer
Gad FREUDENTHAL, Jan ROUBINEK, Georg (Jiří) Alter (1891–1972) : Astronomer, Historian of Astronomy, and Musician
Brief Communications :
Bernard R. GOLDSTEIN, Abraham Zacut’s Signature : A Mystery Solved
Y. Tzvi LANGERMANN, Materia Medica et Magica from Animals, including a Long, Unknown Passage from al-Masʿūdī
Recently Published Books
Notes on Contributors

- Aleph 11 (2) (2011)

Notes on Contributors
Maud KOZODOY, Medieval Hebrew Medical Poetry : Uses and Contexts
Ram BEN-SHALOM, Meʾir Nativ : The First Hebrew Concordance of the Bible and Jewish Bible Study in the Fifteenth Century, in the Context of Jewish-Christian Polemics
Bernard R. GOLDSTEIN, Levi ben Gerson and the Cross Staff Revisited
Robert MORRISON, An Astronomical Treatise by Mūsā Jālīnūs alias Moses Galeano
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